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Automatic Watch – Diameter 43 mm

43mm stainless steel automatic watch, a luxury timing instrument inspired by the extreme requirements of professional tool watches.

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The Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY2010-BA0927 watch is designed and engineered by Swiss master craftsmen, with Sapphire glass, and an automatic movement set in a 43 mm polished steel case.

This gents timepiece comes with a steel bezel, a date window, rubber strap and is water resistant up to 30 atmospheres or 300 meters.


Diver’s Watch

A diving watch, also commonly referred to as a diver’s or dive watch, is a watch designed for underwater diving that features, as a minimum, a water resistance greater than 1.0 MPa (10 atm), the equivalent of 100 m (330ft).


Automatic Watch Mechanism

As an automatic watch, this timepiece will use the natural motion of the wearer to power the device meaning you will never need to manually wind or change the battery.

The Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY2010-BA0927 watch is water resistant up to 30 atmospheres or 300 meters.


Your new watch will arrive in its official Tag Heuer case, and the Posh Watch Shop Two Year Guarantee making it the perfect gift and keeping it immaculate through time.


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TAG Heuer is an extraordinary company which has continually revolutionized watchmaking since its creation back in 1860 by the young man, Edouard Heuer, aged just 20 years old. There have been major technical revolutions such as the oscillating pinion in 1887, aesthetic revolutions embodied in iconic models such as the TAG Heuer Carrera launched in 1963, and commercial revolutions that very quickly brought us legendary ambassadors such as Juan Manuel Fangio. But what really sets TAG Heuer apart is the exceptional quality of its watches and chronographs, of which they as a company are immensely proud. Reliable and robust, these objects are a joy to own and wear, and they form part of our everyday lives. What more could a watch manufacturer ask for?

Tag Heuer has created a name for itself by producing irresistible timepieces that convey a sensation of power while remaining affordable. That’s what true luxury is all about and their approach enables them to attract younger generations and encourage them to fall in love with beautiful pieces and to wear a wonderful chronograph on their wrist. Attracting these consumers is a challenge that the team are highly passionate about and are highly committed to their company. The aim is to show that true luxury lasts forever and that that’s what differentiates TAG Heuer timepieces from other objects which inevitably become obsolete over the years.  All those working at TAG Heuer channel all of their energy into offering long-lasting quality and innovation and indeed, the company’s future depends entirely on it.

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