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Automatic Chronograph – Diameter 44 mm

A high-performance automatic sports chronograph in high-tech ceramic and stainless steel. Built for speed lovers, its sleek, grey dial features fire-red touches and Super-LumiNova® details for effortless readability.

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The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch CAZ2012-BA0970 is designed and engineered by Swiss master craftsmen, with chronograph, and an automatic movement set in a 44 mm fine brushed steel case.

This gents timepiece comes with a date window, stylish three linked steel & ceramic strap and is water resistant up to 20 atmospheres or 200 meters.


Built for speed, super shock absorbent and powered by the formidable Calibre 16 automatic movement. The metal and ceramic bracelet comes with a driver extension to fit over the sleeve of a racing suit.

Divers Watch

A diving watch, also commonly referred to as a diver’s or dive watch, is a watch designed for underwater diving that features,  water resistance to a minimum depth of 1.0 MPa (10 atmospheres), which is the equivalent of 100 m (330ft). The Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch CAZ2012-BA0970 is water resistant to up to 200m (660ft).

Pilot’s Watch

The pilot’s watch was first created in 1904 by Cartier but the design was re-invented for pilots in the first and second world wars and this is what today’s pilot watches are based on.  Today you would expect a pilot’s watch to include a tachymeter, allowing the wearer to calculate speed, distance travelled, fuel consumption, etc. All our pilot’s watches have at least this functionality.


A chronograph function is a tool for accurately measuring the passage of time such as a stop watch. On Analogue watches you will usually have independent sweep second, and minute hand which can be started, stopped and reset.


Tachymeter Function

A tachymeter is simply a means of converting elapsed time (in seconds per unit) to speed (in units per hour). A tachymeter is a scale sometimes inscribed around the rim of an analogue watch with a chronograph. It can be used to calculate your current speed of motion based on the time you have been travelling.

The function performed by a tachymeter is independent of the unit of distance (e.g. miles, kilometres, metres etc.) as long as the same unit of length is used for all calculations.


Your new Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch CAZ2012-BA0970 will arrive in its official Tag Heuer case, and the Posh Watch Shop Two Year Guarantee making it the perfect gift and keeping it immaculate through time.



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Tag Heuer has revolutionised the watchmaking world since its creation in 1860. On the international scene, Tag Heuer automatic watches represent the utmost in Swiss excellence and quality. The company boasts exceptional partnerships, such as the one with the Giro d’Italia, the Formula One, the Premier League. Among the many testimonials that love and support the brand there are people like Bella Hadid and Tom Brady, not to mention the stars of the past such as Ayrton Senna, Steve McQueen and Muhammad Ali.

In addition to managing an exceptional cultural heritage, Tag Heuer plays an essential role in the conservation of natural heritage, thanks to an ethical approach applied to its products. Member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, the brand promotes responsible production, human rights and environmental practices. By adhering to the Kimberly Process Initiative, it guarantees the use of conflict-free diamonds from legitimate sources that are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts.

Tag Heuer has created a name for itself by producing irresistible timepieces that convey a sensation of power while remaining affordable. That’s what true luxury is all about and their approach enables them to attract younger generations and encourage them to fall in love with beautiful pieces and to wear a wonderful chronograph on their wrist. Attracting these consumers is a challenge that the team are highly passionate about and are highly committed to their company. The aim is to show that true luxury lasts forever and that that’s what differentiates TAG Heuer timepieces from other objects which inevitably become obsolete over the years.  All those working at TAG Heuer channel all of their energy into offering long-lasting quality and innovation and indeed, the company’s future depends entirely on it.


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